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Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Your Audi car or SUV is a strong, luxury vehicle that begs to be shown off around McKinney, Plano, or beyond. Whether you're cruising on the straight Allen TX highways or you're zooming around corners in McKinney, you'll want to make sure that your Audi's tires and wheels are well taken care of. While normal tire inspections are a must, you should also have your tires rotated and wheels aligned.

What Is A Tire Rotation?

To put it simply, a tire rotation is the act of switching your tire's positions to ensure that each tire is wearing at the same rate. This process is necessary for a few reasons, with one of the main reasons being because it's best for your overall driving performance. Here are three reasons why tire rotations are so important to your Audi car or SUV

  1. Maximize Your Tire's Life - The more a tire wears, the quicker it will need to be replaced. Not all four tires wear at the same rate, with some wearing more or less depending on what type of roads you typically drive on, how you drive, and where you drive. When your tires are rotated, each tire gets a chance to wear at each position, which will lengthen the life of each tire and the set as a whole. This means that you won't need to shell out a bunch of money for new tires more often than you should.
  2. Less Stress On Your Drivetrain - Most Audi cars and SUVs come with the quattro® all-wheel drive system. Uneven wear puts more pressure on the drivetrain of an all-wheel drive system, which in turn will put more wear and tear on the drive components.
  3. Uniform Tire Tread - When your tire's wear, the tire tread becomes lower. This uneven tire tread can cause your car to be unbalanced. A balanced vehicle brings better handling, performance, fuel efficiency, and traction, all of which will make your drive that much more accomplished.

When Should You Schedule a Tire Rotation?

Most technicians recommend that you should have your tires rotated about every 5,000 miles or at every oil change. Of course, each model is different, so you'll want to check in your car's owner's manual to be sure.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is the act of angling your tires to the perfect distance between the road and other tires to make your vehicle balanced. Whether you're replacing old tires with a brand-new set or you've noticed that your alignment is out of whack and you need it fixed, a tire alignment is a common repair that shouldn't be forgotten.

When is a Wheel Alignment Needed?

Does your Audi veer to the right or left when it should be going straight? Have you recently hit a pothole, and now your car doesn't drive the way it should? Have you replaced your car's tires, and now they feel unbalanced? If any of these are the case, you'll want to schedule a wheel alignment. If you put off a wheel alignment, your car's wheels and tires will be in danger of a larger repair issue. Being unbalanced will also cause your car to wear quicker.

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