Whether you've been driving your vehicle for many years or you've only been cruising around Plano in your current car for a short while, we'd love to buy your vehicle from you today! Our Audi McKinney dealership not only offers the latest Audi cars and SUVs on the market, but we also have a wide variety of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans available. We'd love to add to this collection by purchasing your old vehicle for either cash or trade-in.

Why Sell Audi McKinney Your Car?

There are many reasons why selling your car at a dealership like Audi McKinney is beneficial to you. Here are just a few.

  • Quick Selling Process - If you're looking for a quick sale, our Audi McKinney dealership is exactly what you need. Our team can inspect, research, and provide you with an offer in no time and won't ever have to take a few days to make a decision. We understand that our customers don't have all the time in the world to sit and wait before getting back to their daily lives.
  • Fair Prices - Our Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) area drivers deserve fair and honest prices for their vehicles. We want any customer that brings their vehicle to us to get a fair estimate according to the current market value. This not only protects us, but it also guarantees that you find a great price for your vehicle.
  • We Handle the Paperwork - Unless you've been selling cars for many years, you most likely won't know the ins and outs of selling a vehicle in Texas. Our finance team knows what paperwork you need, the rules and regulations, and how to easily and quickly complete the buying process. We'll make sure we have all of the paperwork you need and will file it ourselves.
  • Cash or Trade-In Value Offered - Once we make our final offer, you'll be given ten days or 500 miles, whichever comes first, to accept or decline it. Once we've settled on the right price, we'll either offer you cash or trade-in value. Depending on what fits you best, you could walk away with cash for your vehicle or could deduct the value from your new or use Audi purchase. The decision is up to you.

Bring the Items Required to be Prepared

Don't know if you're going to go through with the sale? Are you 100-percent certain you'll be selling your vehicle to us? Whatever the case may be, make sure you have the following items with you. If you don't, we may not be able to complete the sale.

  • Keys - Make sure you bring any keys, valet keys, key fobs, or any other item that belongs with the vehicle. This includes the owner's manual and anything else that may have come with your car when you first bought it.
  • Title or Pay-Off Information - We'll need to have the title or pay-off information to resell the vehicle.
  • Any Titleholder - Whoever is a titleholder on the vehicle should be at the sale.
  • License or State-Issued Photo ID - Any titleholder should also have their valid driver's license or state-issued photo ID.

Contact Audi McKinney To Discuss Your Selling Options

If you have questions about our selling and buying process, don't hesitate to contact our Audi McKinney dealership. We'd love to inspect your vehicle and give you an offer today!