The Audi company has recently released a study they conducted about how the public around the world views autonomous and self-driving cars. With the future of cars heading towards the self-driving position, it's not hard to see why Audi would want to know what everyone truly thought about an autonomous driving world. Some of their findings were quite shocking and impressive.

Who Took The Survey?

There 21,000 participants globally that took part in the survey. These members of the public came from nine countries, China, South Korea, Italy, Germany, the UK, France, Japan, and the US. They varied in age, gender, income, education, living environment, and daily commute lengths and the answers were each broken down into three categories:

  • Emotional Landscape
  • Human Readiness Index (HRI)
  • User Typology Templates

What Did The Study Discover?

As one would expect, the youngest generation, those under 24, were the most ready for autonomous driving while the oldest generation, the Baby Boomers, were the least ready. Over-all, 49-percent of those surveyed had an optimistic view of self-driving vehicles.

The main concerns? Over 70-percent were concerned with releasing control and what that would do for the legal framework, security issues (especially those about data), and not being able to have fun with your driving experience.

What Do You Think?

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