Not too long ago buying a used car was a dangerous consideration and many buyers were fearful of receiving the lurking "lemon". Thankfully, with all of the technological advancements, better car designs, and upgraded equipment, used cars these days have become much more trust-worthy, longer-lasting, and a better over-all investment.

There are still a few things you should check for when you're buying a used car. Here are two checklists that you should complete before you sign the dotted line.

  1. Mechanical Checklist
    • Exterior And Interior Inspection - It's suggested to bring a mechanic along for your inspection, but whether you have one with you or you're on your own you should make sure to carefully look at every inch of the vehicle. From the upholstery and the exterior body to under the hood, you'll want to see if anything looks repaired, rusted, or dirty.
    • Test Drive - Take the vehicle in question for a thorough test drive, going on both common roads and the highway. Listen to anything that might not sound right and make sure that every electronic system is working like it should.
    • Leak Test - If you notice leaking fluids, that may be a sign that the vehicle is going to need a larger repair sooner rather than later. To check, park on a clean part of the road, run the car for 30 seconds, and then back up to reveal any liquid spots.
  2. Research Checklist
    • Make And Model Reviews - See what other drivers are saying about your vehicle before you buy and discover any hidden issues the vehicle may have.
    • Vehicle History Report - Always look at the vehicle history report to see where the vehicle has been, who has driven it, and if it has been in any accidents.
    • Fair Purchase Price - Checking what sites like Kelley Blue Book suggest as a selling price will ensure that you purchase your vehicle for a good price. Make sure to utilize many different resources to get a ballpark figure of what the vehicle is estimated to be worth.

Once you've followed these checklists, you'll have more confidence that your new-to-you vehicle is a great investment!

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