The Audi e-tron Will Include Toll-Module Technology

Recently it was announced that the all-electric Audi e-tron, which makes its global debut on Monday, September 17 in San Francisco, will include vehicle-integrated toll payment technology as a standard feature. This is the first Audi vehicle to include this technology, expanding the brand's roster of available vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity solutions.

The Integrated Toll Module (ITM) transponder is built into the vehicle's rearview mirror, allowing drivers to seamlessly access selected toll roads in both the United States and Canada. ITM is yet another first for Audi in the burgeoning field of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology.

ITM is but one of the many digital tools that have been integrated into the Audi e-tron, allowing owners to go fully electric without compromising connectivity, luxury or performance. Now owners can gain access to many toll roads across the country, without cluttering up the windshield or having to worry about managing a number of toll payment accounts. Drivers can even adjust the module's settings through the Audi MMI -- including turning the ITM completely off, or adjusting the occupant settings for HOV or HOT lanes.

The Audi e-tron, a five-passenger SUV, is expected to begin arriving at showrooms in early 2019. First in a series of three battery-electric Audi vehicles, the e-tron will have full specifications and pricing available after its world-wide debut in San Francisco.

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