Audi and Hyundai Partner Up for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The advancement of vehicles is important to every manufacturer, which is why we see some of them team up for innovative designs. Recently, Hyundai and Audi have teamed up to work on a hydrogen fuel cell to power vehicles. With both companies sharing research and development assets, we will likely see a more reliable and efficient tool for powering vehicles in the near future.

With many people still needing convincing to get an electric vehicle, it may seem confusing to already jump to another form of power, but hydrogen fuel cells provide many advantages over the electric battery. They offer longer ranges and shorting fueling times, making for an overall better experience while behind the wheel. While they provide these benefits, the hardships come when you try to store and house the Hydrogen, which are the problems this partnership is looking to solve, providing customers with the best technology and the least amount of stress while they are behind the wheel.

Audi is planning to produce its first fuel-cell model soon, designing it to be a sporty SUV. If you are interested in Audi SUVs, be sure to visit our team at Audi McKinney to see the newest Audi models and get a general idea of what this concept of a model might end up drawing design features from. Our experts can answer a variety of questions, guiding you to resources that can answer questions we don’t know the answer to. Our team enjoys talking about anything pertaining to Audi, which is why we look forward to seeing you at our dealership soon!

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