A Taxi Like You've Never Seen Before


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Always on the cutting edge, Audi will continue to prepare their AirBus concept as it has been approved for testing in Germany. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, this is still in the planning and concept stage, but having a venue for testing will surely propel the plans to get this next-generation system of transportation available.

The idea is to combine a flying taxi with the platform designed by Audi to make a seamless transition between travelling on the ground and in the air. The car will be able to go up to 31 miles on an electric charge, and it will be able to go up to 81 miles when flying. With many cities becoming overpopulated very quickly, getting some of the cars off of the road will clear up traffic and congestion to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Germany signing a letter of intent to let this be tested opens up many opportunities for other companies that are creating technology of the same type. While it has only been seen in some sci-fi movies so far, flying taxis could be a reality with the result of these concepts.

Our team at Audi McKinney fully supports the engineers at Audi, seeing the designs and engineering of the newest Audi models, giving us confidence that they will succeed and launch a new era of transportation for the world. We encourage you to visit our dealership to see if there is an Audi model that is right for you!

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