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Learn More About Your Car's Battery Service

If you've ever hopped in your car and turned the key to leave, only to realize that your battery was dead, you'll understand why your car's battery service is so important. The battery is like the heart of your vehicle, as it gives your car life to start, move, and run. You need your battery for everything, ranging from driving to listening to the radio, and, with use, your battery will eventually need to be replaced.

Five Signs That Your Battery May Be Dead

How do you know that your car's battery may be dead? Here are five signs that you'll want to pay attention to.

  1. Nothing Happens - No Lights, No Crank, No Start - If not even the dome light illuminates when you open the door of your car, your battery is completely dead. You can try to jumpstart it by connecting your battery to another working car, but it may be too late and require a replacement instead.
  2. Engine Cranks, But Doesn't Start - If there is power running other aspects of your vehicle and your car turns over, but doesn't start completely, then most likely your battery is close to dead. It should be easily started with a jump. If the battery isn't the culprit, something may be wrong with your starter.
  3. One Day It Starts, Next Day It Doesn't - Do you go out and sometimes your car starts, but other times it doesn't? This could be a loose, broken, or corroded battery terminal. Check to make sure that everything is tightly connected and not corroded. If everything is fine, it may be because of a parasitic draw, which is when something else is draining the battery's power.
  4. Cold Cranking Is Hard - Cold cranking is the first time you start your vehicle in the morning. This first start takes more power and energy to do and, if it takes a few tries to start your car first thing, you'll want to have your battery checked out.
  5. It's Been Jumped A Lot - Have you had to jumpstart your car a lot recently? More than three times a week? If so, your battery is dying and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Why Does My Car's Battery Need To Be Replaced?

Most non-hybrid models come with what's known as a "wet-cell" battery. This plastic cube contains sulfuric acid and lead and has two terminals on the side or top of the box. It's an easy fix and replacement problem that will help your vehicle in multiple ways. Not only will it alleviate the annoyance of having to jumpstart your vehicle, but it also will help deter any extra wear and tear to the alternator and starter.

What Can Affect The Lifespan Of My Car's Battery?

Most car batteries have a life expectancy of up to two or three years, depending on how well they're taken care of and what type of driving situations it's put in. There are some items that can affect your battery's lifespan. These include:

  • Weather - Extreme heat or cold
  • Idling
  • Lights are left on
  • Multiple Jump Starts
  • Age
  • Corrosion
  • And much more

Schedule Your Battery Service Appointment At Audi McKinney

Whether you're driving a new Audi around Plano or you're conquering your daily Frisco commute with a used vehicle, you'll want to make sure your battery service is performed often. Contact our Audi McKinney service center to schedule a test drive or purchase your replacement battery at our parts center today!

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